Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reasoning with the Devil Pig

Charlotte knew that she couldn't let this young pig get away with murder. But she crawled up to the rafters to watch as the young Swine began mixing poisons. She couldn't take it any more.

"Hello," said Charlotte.

"Hello back," said Wilbur, the devil pig.

"I couldn't help but notice what you were doing!" said Charlotte.

"Oh yes, this? It's nothing," replied Wilbur. "I'm sure you've heard of revenge... that's all this is... horrible horrible revenge.

"And what are you planning on doing?"

And Wilbur began to explain his devil plan.

"Well, that horrible human wanted to kill me for being so small... but he doesn't realize that the meek shall inherit, and that the small have just as much, if not more, brains than the large brutes out there. So I'm concocting a disease... an incredibly awful disease to punish all those who have betrayed me."

"Oh," said Charlotte. "And what will you be calling it?"

"Swine Flu," replied Wilbur.

They both heard a noise near the wall. Wilbur turned his horrible devil eyes toward the noise and saw a lone rat.

"Hi, I'm templeton!" said the rat. Wilbur threw some of the poison at the rat, and it promptly died.

"I will crush these humans with this swine flu as I crushed this rat."

And Wilbur let out a hoarse, evil laugh that barked to the moon and echoed throughout the farm.

And Charlotte shuddered. She had to warn the farm.

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