Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The runt of the litter

Once there was a young pig named Wilbur who was born the runt of the litter. Wilbur was small, so small that Mr. Arable took one look at him and decided that this pig was too small too live. But as he took him out back ready to kill the young creature, his daughter, a young girl named Fern, ran up to her father.

"You can't kill him dad!" Fern said.

"Some pig's is just too small to live," said Mr. Arable.

"He didn't do anything wrong, dad! Let him live! I'll take care of him," said Fern, and Mr. Arable agreed. He let Wilbur run free, and Fern loved him with all of her might.

But oh how this pig remembered that he was going to be killed, and lo how he longed for revenge against the man determined to put an ax to his throat. And as he looked at young fern, he realized that the worst punishment he could ever give to Mr. Arable was to infect this young Fern with a horrible disease.

Revenge will be his... and soon the farm will know the name of Wilbur.

Some pig!

He was some pig!

And he knew his ambition would get him far... maybe even to the grand prize at the state fair as he stood over the dead bodies of those who thought he would never make it.

And Wilbur returned to the barn and began his plot and his research. But one curious spider saw what the pig was doing. Her name was Charlotte. And come hell or high water she wasn't going to let this pig get away with it. She would stop him, with whatever force or writing skills she had.

And she cried the bitter tears of the spider.

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